Secession Golf Club, South Carolina

Secession Golf Club, South Carolina, in The Fall of 2014, became the first golf course in the USA to sign up to a full renovation of all their bunkers using the artificial sod wall system with EcoBunker Ltd. The club and the Superintendent, Mark Mitchell, set high standards. When it became apparent that their classic links-style sod wall bunkers were succumbing to increasingly severe weather events, Mitchell looked for a solution and found EcoBunker Ltd. Mitchell had strong backing from Secession’s Operations Manager, Mike Harmon, who had been impressed by the EcoBunker system while playing in the 2014 British Seniors Open at Southerndown. Having approved the project, all the existing 53 bunkers were renovated in the summer of 2015, with a few extra new ones added in 2016. EcoBunker Ltd provided full time expert supervision through Llewellyn Matthews. Since installation the club has been hit by two Category 5 hurricanes (Matthew 2016 & Irma 2017) but the bunkers suffered no damage whatsoever. Mitchell confirmed that the investment had more than paid for itself within 2 years; an incredible ROI.


  • Lowland Links
  • Designed by Pete Dye and Bruce Devlin
  • Beaufort, South Carolina
  • Managed restoration of all bunkers

Richard, you’ll be pleased to know that our EcoBunkers at Secession have now survived Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017)! Many filled with sea water. Skim the silt, add an inch of sand, a little raking and we will be back in business!

Michael Gonzales, President, Secession Golf Club