Ecobunker Advanced

Second generation synthetic golf bunkers from the world’s first.

*This product is patent pending.

EcoBunker Advanced is the strongest and most efficient method of constructing stacked sod walls using synthetic grass tiles. The method was invented and developed exclusively by Richard Allen and is available only from EcoBunker Ltd and its Worldwide Partners.

Whilst the original was good, EcoBunker Advanced is better. Why?

EcoBunker Advanced is not a gravity structure. It performs as a cantilever wall, which is known to all civil engineers as a more efficient method of construction. The diagram below shows a typical cross section through the wall. The tiles come in two sizes, narrower fascia tiles, and wider anchor tiles. The anchor tiles provide a structural link between the fascia and the cement modified soil backfill behind. Unlike the original gravity wall option, structural stability is provided through a combination of the synthetic tiles and the cement modified soil behind.


  • Cantilever Design System
    Permits a more efficient use of materials.

  • Wider Range of Design Options
    Facilitated by ability to build higher and steeper wall.

  • Transportation Costs Significantly Reduced
    This is a heavy bulk product. EcoBunker Advanced haulage costs are typically 38% lower.

  • Accidental Load Bearing
    It is unwise to track heavy machinery near any bunker edge, but in this instance EcoBunker Advanced provides an extra factor of safety.

  • Improved Stiffness
    This provides an extra resilience to any minor ground movement that could cause bulging.

  • Better Performance in Cold Climates
    Exhaustive laboratory testing by the Portland Cement Association has proved that CMS backfill continues to gain strength through multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and the hydration caused by curing reduces moisture content and thus reduces the potential for frost heave.