Talamore, North Carolina

Located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, just two miles from Pinehurst, Talamore Golf Resort has been rated as the best conditioned course in North Carolina and rated No. 1 “Best Public Golf Course in North Carolina” with the NGCOA declaring Talamore Golf Resort its “Course Of The Year in 2018”

Designed by Rees Jones with original sodwall bunkers, this Scottish type layout complements this dynamic property, which has far more movement and undulation than other golf courses in the region.

As is typical with most natural sodwall bunkers, the manpower required to maintain their structural integrity and edges was a maintenance burden.

Together with the Ownership and Management team, Ecobunker was retained to oversee the construction of multiple Ecobunkers to improve aesthetics, improve playability, and reduce overall maintenance requirements and costs.


  • Woodland Course
  • Designed by Rees Jones
  • Pinehurst, North Carolina
  • Full course managed bunker renovation

EcoBunker’s team, product and installation support are absolutely top notch. Talamore Golf Resort located in the heart of the “Home of Golf” is proud to be sporting a game changing new look to its sod wall bunkers.

Talamore’s original sod wall bunkers were installed ‘au natural’ with a course and green’s overhaul in 2016 and going into the ’22 season were in need of being re-done as they had experienced slumping and deterioration based on their age. We were faced with the reality to redo the dozen sod wall bunkers every 5 -7 years if we continued with a natural sod install, or do a fundamentally permanent install with EcoBunker. Richard the Owner of EcoBunker was extremely helpful as we sorted out the quantities and costs based on the number and size of our bunkers. Jay was “part of the deal” as the foreman and field coordinator for the install and was a HUGE help to lead the project to a successful, timely and cost effective outcome.

Our courses have had the opportunity to work with many golf course contractors over the years with new construction and renovation projects. We keep a small Rolodex of those contractors and suppliers who “met the match” and with whom we will work with on future projects. EcoBunker is firmly planted under “E” in this Rolodex and is on speed dial as we move to install EcoBunkers at our other Talamore course in PA this summer and also add more sod wall bunkers to our Talamore Resort in NC at the end of the year.

EcoBunkers are truly a work of art when completed and a must see to believe.

Many thanks to Richard and Jay for their assistance and the “buzz” they have helped create at Talamore.

Bob Levy, Jr., President, Talamore Golf Resort