The Pit #1, Mexico City

The Pit is the brainchild of award-winning golf course architect, Agustin Piza. Built on half an acre of land, for a private client in Mexico City, Piza used his vivid imagination and creative design skills to deliver a highly original concept. Also known as ‘The Golf Lounge’, The Pit is a beautiful and challenging short game golf practice area, which can convert instantly into a landscaped garden, perfectly designed for outdoor relaxation, barbecues, parties or as a playground.

Traditional golf course construction methods were unsuitable for this multi-use concept. For the centrepiece, a striking deep sod wall bunker, Piza turned to synthetic bunker specialist EcoBunker Ltd. The result is a bold, but natural looking sinuous retaining feature, which helps to maximise the use of space on a constrained sloping site. Importantly for a private owner, the structure also delivers a low maintenance bunker face. EcoBunker Ltd undertook the engineering design, supplied the wall materials, provided on-site supervision and project management.


  • Course designed by Agustin Piza

  • Private client, Mexico City